Ringing Stone

The Ringing stone or Clach a’Choire is a 30 minute walk along the shoreline from Rockvale. Believed to be an erratic boulder deposited by a glacier during the Ice Age the ringing stone produces a metallic clang when hit by another stone. It stands propped up by smaller stones and has many mysterious cup-shaped hollows in it.

Skerryvore Light House

The lighthouse was designed by Alan Stevenson and built between 1839 and 1844.  Alan came from a family of engineers and was greatly admired for his work, the lighthouse remains today one of the world’s greatest feats of engineering. 

Dun Mor Vaul

There are many brochs scattered across Tiree however the one at Vaul remains the only one to be fully excavated. Large quantities of pottery, tools and bronze objects were all found on this site.


Kirkapol Chapel’s Walk

This walk will take you into Kirkapol’s historic past as well as providing an opportunity to enjoy it’s rich plant and wildlife. See St Columba’s Chapel, the two latin crosses, the Utraid and the Viking grave.